Adaptive Learning Tools for Student Success for All Students in Taylor Mills Art Room  

Allison Tumminia, art teacher at Taylor Mills, was awarded $3,750 to purchase adaptive supplies for any student to use in grades kindergarten through 5th grade.


This grant aims to support the success of all students in the art room by providing a collection of adaptive supplies for any student to use. It will supplement the currently available resources in the art room. Students work in a choice-based, student-centered setting, but have limited adaptive supplies. There are many wonderful adaptive materials and products available that would benefit all students. By adding these supplies to our existing centers, the art studio becomes more inclusive.

This grant would allow for several types of adaptive scissors (included left-handed options) that can meet students' needs. This grant will also provide adaptive paint brushes and paint supplies, stamp pads for adaptive printmaking, blocks and magnetic building tiles for an adaptive construction center, and scented markers for our students with visual impairments – these will help students identify colors independently using scent. Sensory items and behavioral supports like wobble stools, foot bands, calming tools and more will be available for students to use in the art room. Slant boards, pencil grips, and other tools available in academic classrooms will also be made available with the funds from this grant. Students will have access to these materials during their art period and will receive direct instruction on how and when to use them.

By having these materials readily available for any student, it will eliminate any stigma for those who truly will benefit from their use. It will also specifically support our disabled classes, classified students who need these supports, as well as kindergarten and first grade students who can also benefit from this additional support.” supported Kerry Marsala, Taylor Mils School Principal.