Board of Trustees

Executive Board


Patricia Berger

President and Founder
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Maria Mallamaci

Vice President
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Ralph Loggia

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Venita Rawal

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Board of Trustees


Shannon Berger

Fundraising/Marketing Committee
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Lola Fox

Goverance Co-Chair
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Diane Gianettino

Creative Director
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Danielle Graime

Fundraising/Marketing Committee
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Laura Persico

Fundraising/Marketing Committee
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Ricardo Rivers

Goverenace Committee
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Elizabeth Stanley

Fundraising/Marketing Chair
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Ex-Officio Trustees

Nicole Santora, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Brian Graime
Board of Education

Christine Parisi (read more)
Board of Education

Dr. Rebecca Seery (read more)
Principal, Wemrock School

Heather Mistry (read more)
Special Education Teacher, Taylor Mills

Honorary Trustees

Andrea Baron

Gail Bonus

Renee Brown

Jennifer Feinerman

Rita Frojmovich

Deb Privetera

Loren Scheck

In Memorium


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