Carnevale di Venezia Celebrated at MEMS

Linda Schiano, an 8th grade Italian Teacher at MEMS, was awarded $1,424 to purchase authentic imported “Colombina Grezza” Venetian masks for her students to create Carnevale Mask during Italian Class.

Students first learn about Carnevale and how it is celebrated in many countries. One of the biggest celebrations is in Venice, Italy. People come from all over the world to admire the elaborate costumes and masks of those parading through the streets. Students learn the significance and the meaning behind the various types of masks. They also learn about the enchanting and unique city of Venice known for its canals, bridges and gondolas. The culminating activity is to make their own unique Maschera di Carnevale.

During this annual activity, the students spent a fun day designing their own unique and extravagant masks. They used glitter, markers, gems, feathers, ribbons and more. Parents also came to assist the children. The parents could not do enough to help Ms. Schiano when it came to setting up for each class and then cleaning up.

This cultural activity adds to the learning and understanding of Venice's intriguing culture. This activity raises cultural awareness to this unique city. Rather than just reading about masks and seeing images they now have an opportunity to design their own Maschera di Carnevale. It is our way of celebrating Carnevale in class.” Stated Ms. Schiano.