Coding Comes to Life with Dash Robots at Wemrock Brook School

This $2,162 grant awarded to Lisa Garnett, Media Specialist at Wemrock Brook School, was used to purchase 2 sets of Dash-6 pack robots, licenses to Class Connect Home Edition, accessories, and teacher training. The robots will be used during Makerspace lessons when students attend Library for their special as well as during the Makerspace, Media, LEGOs and Library enrichment classes offered through the district's summer program.

“First through fifth grade student will use the dash robots to learn coding and robotics and tackle real-world, project-based challenges that are fun, engaging, and help develop real world skills in collaboration and creativity.” stated Rebecca Seery, Principal Wemrock Brook

Being literate in computer languages and computational thinking is essential for navigating the modern world. Developing a growth mindset capable of tackling new challenges is also essential for today's youth. When students are faced with solving a coding and robotics problem that is right in front of them and is tangible, they are very motivated to succeed and are interested in experimenting with their ideas until those ideas help them achieve their goals. That experience helps them develop grit and a growth mindset.

In addition, coding reinforces core concepts such as logical sequences, patterns, creativity, measurement, and storytelling. For this reason, coding isn't just an add-on concept for the K-5 curriculum, it is fundamental for preparing students for the futures they will face and provides them with the skills they need for life-changing opportunities, whether they are utilizing technology or creating it.