MERS District Awarded $5,366 grant for Enrichment Initiative

Sharon Hanson, enrichment teacher for the MERS district, was awarded $5,366 a grant to purchase 50 All-Terrain Cases for iPads and Bretford Cube Charging Cart to be used with existing iPads in the district.

Ms. Hanson’s goal as the district’s itinerant Enrichment teacher, is to comply with the NJ state law, develop a creative and engaging problem-solving curriculum using technology, as well as further enhance the educational opportunities offered in the mainstream classroom. The MERS student interest/problem solving-based programs are designed for the 21st century learner. Technology is essential in the execution and implementation of our curriculum. The iPad have an important and creative application to the Enrichment program by adding creativity and actively engages students. Furthermore, it satisfies all our technology requirements to facilitate our program.