The Science Department at MEMS received a $558 to purchase wave tanks to study Tsunamis

These wave tanks will be used with a clear focus; for MEMS 8th grade students to study tsunamis, understand how they form, test current solutions, and propose ways to minimize impacts. In using the tanks, students will test different existing solutions to protect communities from large waves. Then, they think about how well the solutions work to protect against tsunamis. This will provide them with quantitative data to support their engineering design plans to increase community resilience to tsunamis.

“We believe this would align with current curriculum content and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education. It will provide the students with the opportunity to problem solve and think critically.” Jodi Pepchinski, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Human Resources

This grant will provide students with the ability to collect quantitative data and test the effectiveness of tsunami mitigation designs. This will help them create a proposal for a community of stakeholders that is backed by evidence from their water tank investigations.