2022 Wizfit Challenge Raises $27,000

2022 Wizfit Challenge Raises $27,000


The WizFit Challenge, a fundraising collaboration between The Foundation for Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Schools and The Harlem Wizards to support the MERS K-8 school district, began with an April 4th Kickoff event and continued through the WizFit Graduation Celebration held on April 14th. Throughout the active phase of the challenge, 1,507 students registered from Taylor Mills, Milford Brook, Lafayette Mills, Clark Mills, Wemrock Brook and the Early Learning Center. Each student who registered received a Harlem Wizard light up bracelet for registering with additional prizes earned by achieving donation milestones. 

 The top 5 student fundraisers were as follows:

  1. Aubree Epstein (Lafayette Mills)
  2. Christopher Barca (Milford Brook)
  3. Garrett Smith (ELC)
  4. Gefen Koslow (Wemrock Brook)
  5. Cecily Liparteliani (ELC)

Midway through the WizFit Challenge at a Live assembly that included all 6 participating schools, a drawing was held for each school for a Harlem Wizards Gold Basketball. Congratulations to the following students who were the recipients of the Gold ball giveaway:

  1. Julia Brady (Milford Brook)
  2. Wyatt Davis (ELC)
  3. Ava Rodriguez (Lafayette Mills)
  4. Ava Slow (Clark Mills)
  5. Dylon Lustig (Wemrock Brook)
  6. Colin Richter (Taylor Mills)

Thank you to all who participated to make the challenge a success and congratulations to Principal Marsala and Taylor Mills Elementary for leading the way as the school with the most donations raised which resulted in winning the in-person Harlem Wizard’s assembly. 

Thanks to the support of all Principals and the teachers within the schools, the WizFit challenge successfully raised approximately $27,000 for The Foundation for MERS which will be used to support educational resources for our district.

Harlem Wizard's "Swoop" kicks-off the Wizfit Challenge