Milford Brook’s Makerspace Receives grant for user-friendly coding EVO Ozobots

The Foundation for MERS approved a grant of $2,050 for Sharon Reed, Library Media Specialist at Milford Brook, to purchase the EVO classroom kit.
The Ozobot is a user-friendly coding robot that comes with infinite ways that provide students with an engaging learning experience. “I have had the opportunity to utilize the Ozobot robots in our current program, and through this experience, I know it would be an excellent addition to support the students at Milford Brook School,” stated Sharon Reed.
Students will use the EVO Ozobot to learn to code using robotics and experience project-based challenges that are fun, engaging, and help develop real-world skills in collaboration and creativity.
Students will use computational thinking and develop a growth mindset capable of tackling new challenges. Students will be presented with solving coding and robotic problems through trial-and-error applications. Students become motivated to succeed and are interested in experimenting with ideas to achieve their goals.
Coding also reinforces core concepts of the K-5 curriculum, such as logical sequences, patterns, creativity, and storytelling. Coding has become fundamental for preparing students for the future experiences they will face in their futures, either utilizing technology or creating it.