The Foundation for MERS welcome Gabrielle De la Paz as an Ex-officio Trustee

The Foundation for MERS welcomes Gabrielle De La Paz as an Ex-Officio Trustee


In October 2022, Gabrielle “Gabby” De la Paz deepened her commitment to The Foundation for MERS by becoming an Ex-Officio Trustee. She has been an active volunteer for The Foundation for MERS for several years.

Gabby is a special education teacher at Taylor Mills School. Not only does She currently reside in Manalapan but growing up in Manalapan has benefitted greatly from our excellent K-8 MERS school distruct, and she is passionate about helping other students have access to high quality education. Gabby is excited for her role as an Ex-Officio Trustee for The Foundation for MERS.

“We are pleased to welcome our new ex-officio Board member, Gabrielle De la Paz, she will help strengthen our mission for The Foundation for MERS,” said Patricia Berger, President of The Foundation for MERS. “Gabby brings unique experiences and qualities that are important to our continued success as a Foundation.”

When she is not teaching, Gabby can be found teaching dance at various studios in surrounding towns. Gabby looks forward to assisting The Foundation for MERS continue its success and contributions to our community.