2019-2020 Grants Awarded*


Andy Sheehy Graduation Awards
Michael Fiorillo: Principal – MEMS (8th Grade)
($150 approved)

The Andy Sheehy Award for Citizenship is awarded at the end of each year to six students.  The award impacts and promotes the students’ work ethic and desire to reach their academic potential, achieving high marks and becoming a role model to their peers.  Each of these students receives a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate along with their award.


Words of Wisdom
Rebecca Seery – Wemrock Brook (All Grades)
($219 approved)

The District continues its Model School journey by focusing on students’ social and emotional needs. The “Word of Wisdom” vinyl quotes would continue to enhance the school’s culture. Vinyl quotes will be installed in each of the building’s bathrooms and the messages will vary. The quotes will increase the student’s self-confidence, promote student’s ability to recognize their own strengths and help increase social awareness by showing respect to others. The grant objectives are related to social-emotional competencies which lead to increased academic achievements.


Standardized Testing Breakfast
Sharyn Fisher – Taylor Mills (3rd – 5th Grades)
($485 approved)

During the past 6 years, the Taylor Mills School staff has aimed to offer a light breakfast to students in grades 3-5 on each day of the standardized testing.  Students are taken from the buses and offered a simple breakfast in the cafeteria.  The students will learn that they are valuable and that they do have a chance… not just to test well, but to build dreams, work hard, and succeed. This grant can assist the students going into the testing process in making sure they are equipped as well as they can be, and that includes eating a good breakfast in the morning.  We also know that the social component – time spent with peers, staff, and volunteer parents – helps the students begin the testing day with confidence.


Service Learning in the Art Room
Allison Tumminia – Taylor Mills (4th and 5th Grades)
($1,414 approved)

This year, fourth and fifth grad students at Taylor Mills will be working on arts-based service-learning projects. Using the granted funds, Taylor Mills School will obtain 4 sewing machines and a class set of knitting looms for students to use. Students will learn measuring, pattern making, and machine sewing skills, They will then apply these newly acquired skills to sew bandanas for animals in local shelters. Students who demonstrate aptitude with machine sewing may use their skills to make additional blankets and create comfort items. Students who opt to learn loom knitting and/or crochet skills will create hats for both infants and adults, which will be donated to local hospitals and shelters. The grant objective incorporates the practices of social and emotional learning to demonstrate how art processes can have a positive effect on the community.


Sensory Hallway/Path
Jessica Young and Jacqueline Widom – Lafayette Mills (All Grades)
($1,500 approved)

This grant will allow for the installation of a sensory hallway, which consists of decals that outline a series of actions or movements done in a meaningful, deliberate manner.  It will be an easily accessible method for teachers to address student modifications including “brain” breaks, movement breaks, sensory diets and positive reinforcement systems.  The sensory hallway can also help alleviate behavioral issues for students who need to release their energy in a safe and productive manner.


Media Center VR Expansion 
Robert William, Madoc Reid and Todd Curtis – MEMS (7th and 8th Grades)
($3,400 approved)

The primary objective of this grant is to expand the modernization of the MEMS Media Center to better align educational practices to 21st century college and career demands. Industry experts state that the workforce of the future will need skills such as complex problem solving, collaboration with teams, and communication. The new media center, when combined with appropriate professional development, will imbue the students with these in-demand competencies. This expansion will allow for even larger classes to utilize the equipment to an effective standard. The grant will enable the continuing advancement of a collaborative learning environment. The grant will benefit all disciplines at MEMS because it will be available to all stakeholders of the school community. It will allow for delivery of the curriculum using 21st century technology and teaching methods.


Lu Interactive Playground 
Margaret Scuteri –   Pine Brook (6th Grade)
($10,000 approved)

The grant would be used to expand the digital conversion to the 6th grade PE Classes. The Lu Interactive Playground will transform the gymnasium at Pine Brook School into an immersive, interactive space where students of all abilities are engaged. It is a multi-media experience in which students engage in physical education activities while also engaging in teacher selected content. The potential of the Lu goes far beyond a physical education classroom.

* Spring Grant cycle was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.