2020-2021 Grants Awarded

Andy Sheehy Graduation Awards
Robert Williams: Principal – MEMS
($150 approved)

The Andy Sheehy Award for Citizenship is awarded at the end of each year to six students.  The award impacts and promotes the students’ work ethic and desire to reach their academic potential, achieving high marks and becoming a role model to their peers.  Each of these students receives a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate along with their award.


Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Institute
Marie Zofrea – Clark Mills (RTI – multiple grades)
($850 approved)

The Reading Institute, offered at Teacher’s College, consists of the most current Common-Core aligned instructional practices for literacy. The focus is on literacy instruction across the curriculum, with a heavy emphasis placed on the reading and writing workshop framework. The Institute promotes a variety of ways to increase the rigor of instruction through the use of inquiry-based learning and collaboration. The Institute will also discuss the importance of assessment-based instruction and provide the most current techniques for using learning progression to develop targeted learning goals for students. The Institute will emphasize a variety of methods that can be used to hold students accountable for doing their best work.  In addition, it will examine effective ways to create a classroom learning culture that promotes the use of the critical thinking skills needed to interpret and synthesize information.  These teachers plan to collaborate with grade level teachers and interventionists, to plan out cohesive units of study using the reading and writing workshop model.